It’s not nice to brag the Cedar Mill is we’re very proud of our reversed-bevel dog ear fencing. Dog ear fences are a form of picket fence with a rounded top that resembles a beagle’s ear. Our reversed-bevel dog ear pickets are cut with extreme precision. So precise, we believe they are a work of art. In fact, the reversed-bevel dog ear fence is an exceptionally attractive fence type that provides both privacy and security.

reversed-bevel dog ear fences provide exceptional curb appeal. The top decorative ridge is rounded and reversed-bevel to provide an extra depth. The pickets can be placed directly adjacent to one another or they can be strategically spaced to provide additional decorative effects. This fence style is both traditional and modern and fits well with most house types. If you want a beautiful fence that stands out from the others then the reversed-bevel dog ear fence style is a great choice for you. The reversed-bevel dog ear fence isn’t simply a standard picket fence with a new cut on the top. Rather, it’s designed for a purpose, a crisp modern look that is both simple and elegant.

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