Today, stockade fences are mainly used as privacy fences. They are similar to the original stockade fences in that they have points on the top of each board. The boards are very close together and with the sharpened top retain the mainstay of their original aesthetic. The stockade style can be sanded and smooth or left rough and raw for a more rustic appearance.

Cedar Mill stockade fences may be assembled as components or installed as a panel attached to back rails. It is usually built with a mortise-and-tenon rail-and-post system. This traditional fencing system can be enhanced by utilizing fully-milled posts or utilizing straight or scalloped panel tops. Stockade fencing is constructed with posts securely set in the ground with concrete. Rails are attached to the posts and then boards or pickets are attached to the rails. These fences are secured with aluminum nails to prevent wood damage from rusted nails. Stockade fences that are constructed with hardy wood and properly treated can provide security and privacy for a long time.

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