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Professional Staining

Shadow Board with New England Caps

Beauty and Longevity

Boston Posts with Dog Ear Arch

High End Design

Traditional Board & Batten

Custom Detail

Classic Posts with Dog Ear Arch

Simplicity and Privacy

Domed Posts with Straight Dog Ear

Unique and Charming

Scallop Design with Classic Posts

Customizable Gates

Choose the right size and hardware to meet your needs.

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Featuring Pre-Stained Wood and Custom Post Milling

Need a cedar, vinyl, or aluminum fence, we can help you. One of our services is helping you select the best fence to meet your needs. We offer fence solutions for pretty much any situation. We want you to know about all of our products and services because we believe part of our job is to bring to your attention all the possibilities that you have. We feel the more you know about what options you have the better decision you’ll be able to make. Of course, we are confident that by making a better decision you will select one of our products over our competitors. Read More...

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